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Friday, October 15, 2004

Spanish versus Catalan...

Hola todos!!!
How do you all like school so far? I like it but we are getting more and more assignments for reports and researchstudies.
But for now I´ll just write about the assignment on people feeling Spanish or Catalan.
I spoke to a couple of people and it amazes me that although many people have different answers, most of them are feeling Catalan.

The first person I spoke to is a woman who I met at the Hash (which is a running/walking team here in Barcelona.) She has lived in Barcelona her whole life and she feels Catalan. But she said that when she is outside of Barcelona/Spain she will tell people that she is Spanish. She doesn´t think being Catalan is that important to explain to people from abroad the difference between the two. She also doesn´t think that Catalunya should really be a separate state.

Secondly I spoke to is a friend. He is 22 years old and has a very different view than the women I spoke to. He really feels Catalan and is proud to be one. He seemd offended when I called him spanish. It isn´t hard to imagine he would like Catalunya to be a separate state.

The third person I spoke to is a man working in a shop underneath my appartment. He also feels really Catalan because he already lives most of his life in Barcelona. However he doesn´t really know if he wants Catalunya to be a separate state. He sais there are a lot of benefits but also a lot of negative aspects.

As you can see these are all different answers to the same questions, but all of them feel Catalan. One more then the other.
I think this was a nice experience and a nice opportunity to meet some real Barcelonian people. And although the outcome wasn´t really surprising to me it was very interesting to talk to the people.

Thursday, October 14, 2004